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Good Day,

I write this letter to thank you and Infinity Realty for the great work you did in securing us a rental tenant with in the 1st month of putting my property on the market.

To date the tenant in our property has been excellent giving us no problems at all with payments.

Steven as a facilitator between ourselves and the initial vetting of the intended tenants you made the process very easy.

Your skills and attention to detail kicked when we had to go through the snag list ensuring that both parties were sanctified with the outcome.

For the onboarding of the new tenant you made sure that they settled in well and that all their issues were resolved within means.

With your assistance and constant follow-ups we were able to source the correct renovator to sort out all of the snags.

You did not abandoned us either just because our property has a tenant but would do follow-ups whenever you contacted by the tenant.

I commend you as a superb ambassador for Infinity Realty.

Best Regards

Mr A. Mpolokeng

Managing Director

Author: Mr A. Mpolokeng

Submitted 03 Aug 18 / Views 1705